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Welcome to Serendipkitty, a family owned Siberian Cattery passionate about breeding breathtakingly beautiful, hypoallergenic, and well-tempered feline companions. Serendipkitty is a small cattery based in Colorado Springs, where our Kings and Queens are family members first and foremost. Our cats are raised in a clean and loving environment and are well-socialized to ensure they make perfect companions for any household.


Take a look at our Available Kittens below, get to know our Kings and Queens, or learn more about the breed in our Why Siberians? section.


We pour our hearts and souls into raising these precious kittens, so if you have any questions about the breed, or a particular kitten, please feel free to contact us.


Take a look at our current litter, see how our past litters grew up, and read some testimonials. When you think you've found the kitten for you, contact us to reserve a kitten. If we are currently between litters, but you'd love to bring home a Serendipkitty kitten, please let us know so we can put you on our waitlist.


Get to know our beautiful Kings and Queens, and learn more about the high standards we have for our litters. For more images of our cats, cattery and past litters, check out the Gallery.


Find out why these unique hypoallergenic felines have won the hearts of countless cat enthusiasts around the globe, or learn more about the history and traits of these wonderful cats on our About Siberians page.

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