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The Importance of TICA

Upholding Siberian Breed standards

As a breed enthusiast, it is important to understand the value of TICA certification and how breeding with champion lines can contribute to the desired temperament in these majestic felines. The International Cat Association, is a globally recognized organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the breeds of cats. TICA certification plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and authenticity of Siberian cats. When purchasing a Siberian cat, it is essential to choose a breeder who produces TICA certified kittens, as this guarantees that they meet the breed standard. 

Champion Lines in Siberian Cat Breeding

Champion lines refer to generations of cats that have successfully achieved titles in cat shows and competitions. These titles are awarded by knowledgeable judges who evaluate the cats based on various criteria, such as conformation to breed standards, health, and temperament. Breeding with champion lines is a deliberate and intentional process that involves pairing cats from successful bloodlines to produce kittens with desirable traits. By doing so, breeders aim to maintain and strengthen the positive qualities that define the breed, ensuring healthy and exceptional kittens. 

The Importance of Temperament in Siberian Cats

While Siberian cats are admired for their physical attributes, it is their temperament that truly makes them exceptional pets. Known for their gentle and affectionate nature, these cats are ideal companions for individuals and families alike. Siberians are often described as dog-like in their loyalty and ability to form strong bonds with their owners.

How TICA Certification Ensures Breed Quality and Temperament

TICA certification ensures that Siberian cats meet strict breed standards, including temperament requirements. Breeders who prioritize TICA certification are committed to producing kittens with excellent temperaments, ensuring that the breed's desirable qualities are maintained throughout generations. TICA-certified breeders have thorough knowledge of the breed's behavioral traits, enabling them to select cats with the most suitable temperaments for breeding. This dedication and attention contribute to consistently producing kittens with the desired temperament.


Characteristics of Siberian Cats with Champion Lines and Desired Temperament

When selecting a Siberian cat with champion lines, you can expect remarkable attributes both physically and in terms of personality. 

  • Physical Attributes - Siberian cats with champion lines typically exhibit exceptional physical attributes. They have muscular bodies, broad heads, and expressive eyes. Their dense fur comes in various colors and patterns, adding to their beauty and charm.

  • Personality Traits - One of the most sought-after qualities in Siberian cats is their friendly and sociable nature. Cats with champion lines are known for their outgoing personalities, which make them excellent companions. They enjoy interacting with their owners, are great with children and other pets, and quickly adapt to new environments.

Due to their desirable qualities and quality bloodlines, Siberian cats with champion lines often come at a higher price than non-champion line cats. The extensive effort, time, and expertise invested in breeding high quality lines contribute to the higher cost.


Breeders dedicated to preserving the breed and maintaining its exceptional temperament work diligently to produce these extraordinary companions.  It is essential to find reputable breeders who prioritize the breed's well-being and work with champion lines to ensure the best chance of acquiring a kitten with the desired temperament. 

Serendipkitty kittens are TICA certified and come from champion lines. They are the epitome of feline elegance and charm. Selecting a kitten from Serendipkitty ensures that you are bringing home a remarkable companion with a temperament that matches their stunning appearance. Whether you are looking for a regal show cat, or just a loving family pet. Our cats with are eligible to participate in cat shows and competitions, where their exceptional qualities can be showcased. TICA offers various opportunities for exhibiting and competing.

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