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from our kittens' new families

Tigger (Dazbog)

"I have to say, Sofia matched us with the best kitten! My husband and I are retired but still live an active and adventurous lifestyle. We wanted a kitten that would enjoy traveling and adventure and could get along easily with other cats and dogs, and boy did we get one. Sofia described Tigger (Dazbog) as smart, bold and curious, while having the laid back Siberian personality.


At Tigger’s first vet appointment, our vet described him as a 5% cat because he is so easy going and adaptable. He loves to be held and cuddled and is the lap cat I have longed for, literally for years. He is very smart and was leash trained by the time he was 4 months old. He has learned the commands of come and stay and plays fetch (his favorite game). He loves travel and camping and gets along well with the cats and dogs of family and friends we visit. He is just the perfect cat for us. I sincerely appreciate Sophia for listening to us about what we wanted and what was important in a cat at this point in our lives and matching this kitten to us. We love him to pieces. Thank you!"


Bonnie + Clyde (Linden)

"We met a litter of these amazing babies so young we couldn’t help but fall in love. Their temperaments were so interesting and loving! Likely credited to a breeder who showered them with attention and love every day! Before we committed, Serendipkitty ensured her babies were socialized to humans, cats, dogs and humans. We now own two litter mates (totally suggest getting a friend or three) who are the best friends.

Bonnie, the tiny little fierce runt, now runs her world (and ours) and protects her very big brother, Clyde, everywhere they go. Only separated by her energy (he needs naps) she (at a fraction of his size) has now taught him how to kill grasshoppers as they both consider fishing out of our pond.

While mostly we have had domestic shorthairs, these two are so unique in their interest in humans and always want to show you what they are doing (or did). Amazing kitties!"

-Bonnie and Clyde's Owner


"Encarnación is such a great addition to our family! She is so sweet and friendly. She sleeps with us every night and has a loving, playful personality. We would recommend getting a kitten from Serendipkitty Siberians to anyone who wants a loyal, adorable companion."

- Encarnación's Owners

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