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The Royal Family

OUr kings and queens


Fyedka the Fearless


Fyedka is courageous and sociable, admired for his striking orange and white fur. Not only does he possess a fearless nature, but he also exudes charm and confidence, making him just as outgoing as a dog. Fyedka is known for his affectionate demeanor and his remarkable ability to display patience and love, particularly when caring for his offspring. He greets his guests belly up waiting to receive his worship in the form of belly rubs. He has friends of every kind, the Doberman and rabbits are among his favorite companions.

Nadezhda The Noble


Nadeshdka is an exquisite Neva Masquerade seal point tabby, she exudes love with her affectionate nature and demonstrates extraordinary maternal instincts. She is a truly benevolent soul, embodying kindness and compassion. Her gentle demeanor and loving presence captivate all who encounter her. She is a rag doll and happy to trust in anyone without the slightest hesitation.


Thea The Tenatious


Thea is a beautiful blue torbie with a luscious coat and affectionate eyes. She embodies warmth and love that is truly remarkable easygoing disposition . Thea's temperament is as gentle as her touch, always ready to provide the perfect snuggle and adoring purr. She is her mother's devoted sidekick, consistently offering unwavering support and companionship as well as devoted childcare to any kitten, even ones who aren’t her own!

Toulouse the Tolerant


Toulouse, the charming black and silver tabby. Toulouse is not only outgoing and affectionate but also has a great sense of humor. This lovable feline craves unlimited attention and love, always ready to be the cuddle king of the household. Toulouse boosts an outgoing nature and easily adapts to any environment. His affectionate demeanor melts the hearts of all he meets. He showers his family with love and endless love and companionship. But what truly sets Toulouse apart is his comedic personality. This mischievous cat knows how to entertain and keeps us entertained for hours on end. With his playful antics and charismatic charm, Toulouse, is sure to bring laughter and smiles to everyone around him. His ability to lighten the mood and bring joy into any room is truly remarkable.   

With his outgoing nature, affectionate demeanor, and comedic personality, he is more than just a pet - he's a true companion. Toulouse is the king of cuddles and we feel blessed to experience the unconditional love and happiness that he brings. 


Valentina the Valiant


Valentina the valiant boats a curious and inquisitive nature. She is adoring and playful constantly seeking out something to engage her curious mind. Valentina, possesses a loving and affectionate disposition. She exudes affection and playfulness, always on the lookout for opportunities to stimulate her inquisitive intellect. With a magnificent coat adorned with vibrant Tortie colors and captivating patterns, she boasts the most enchanting visage of a young kitten. She is the quintessential lap cat.

Tikvah the Tender


Sweet Tikvah, elegant, majestic, captivating, regal, mesmerizing big green eyes... She is as affectionate and as incredible a mama as she is beautiful.  Tikvah is completely devoted to her heart-breakingly adorable little ones, as she is to her human companions.  I couldn't ask for a better kitty friend or more attentive mama.  I'm sure her little ones will follow in her gentle footsteps-sweet and loving.

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