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fluffy and allergy-friendly

 Siberian cats have long been sought after for their unique hypoallergenic qualities. Although not non-allergenic, these cats can significantly reduce allergic reactions in certain individuals who have cat allergies. This article will explore the science behind the hypoallergenic properties of Siberian cats and how they produce less of the allergen causing cat allergies.

Most allergic reactions to cats are caused by a glycoprotein called "Fel d-1." This protein is produced only in cats and is excreted via their saliva and sebaceous glands. When cats groom themselves, the Fel d-1 protein spreads on their fur and eventually becomes airborne, contaminating the air with high levels of this allergen. It is important to note that individuals allergic to cats and not other animals are usually allergic specifically to Fel d-1. 

Extensive research has shown that Siberian cats produce significantly less Fel d-1 compared to other breeds. In 1999, Indoor Biotechnologies conducted tests comparing the levels of Fel d-1 in Siberian cats and other breeds. The results revealed that the average cat produces an estimated 63,000 micrograms of Fel d-1 per gram, while a Siberian cat produces only approximately 200 micrograms per gram. A study conducted by the nonprofit organization Siberian Research, Inc. in 2005 further supports these findings. It found a strong correlation between the allergen level in a cat's saliva and the allergic reaction experienced by highly allergic individuals. Siberians with very low allergen levels pass this trait to their kittens. In a recent study by the Department of Veterinary Science in 2017, multiple mutations were found in a small sample of genes that encode for the allergen in Siberian cats. This discovery indicates that these mutations play a crucial role in the hypoallergenic properties of the Fel d-1 protein. 

Scientific studies surrounding cat allergies and hypoallergenic qualities of Siberian cats are continually evolving. While encouraging and consistent findings continue to emerge, it is essential to recognize that allergies can vary from individual to individual. There is no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to cat allergies. 


 Siberian cats offer a unique solution for individuals with cat allergies who still wish to have a feline companion. With their reduced production of the allergen Fel d-1, these cats can significantly minimize allergic reactions and provide a hypoallergenic option. Ongoing research in this field continues to shed light on the genetic factors influencing cat allergies, further supporting the remarkable qualities of Siberian cats. Contact us to request a sample of fur from our queens and experience the hypoallergenic qualities of Siberian cats for yourself.

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